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No Man’s Sky Devs Send Cryptic Cassette Tapes to Community

What do they mean?


No Man’s Sky Update 1.24 Is 3.9GB on PS4, Enables Light Shafts & Improves Frame-Rate

Frame-rate is improved when playing with an unlocked frame rate, or vsync disabled.


Latest No Man’s Sky Patch Fixes PS4 Pro 4K Frame-Rate Issues, Unlocks Frame-Rate

Steady 30fps achieved!


No Man’s Sky Update 1.23 Today Includes a 30fps Lock Option on PS4, Bug Fixes

It looks to be around 2GB on PS4.

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No Man’s Sky Update 1.22 Fixes Numerous Issues Following Path Finder Update

You can construct Geobays on any planet.


No Man’s Sky Update 1.2: PS4 Pro Support, Online Base Sharing, Permadeath Mode & Much More

Find out what’s new.


No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update This Week Adds a New Vehicle

Path Finder is the “next step in our journey. It shows the path forward.”


No Man’s Sky Developer Hello Games Expected 14,000 Players at Launch on PC, Saw 250,000

A new No Man’s Sky update is in development.

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Sean Murray Will Be at GDC to Talk About the Math Behind No Man’s Sky

The impressive math behind the game’s procedural universe will be revealed.

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No Man’s Sky Gets Update 1.13 on PS4, Approximately 1.5GB in Size

No patch notes yet.


No Man’s Sky Update 1.12 Today on PS4 & PC Fixes Issues

Underwater buildings should now have doors.

No Man's Sky delay

ASA Rules That No Man’s Sky Ads Weren’t Misleading

Good news for Hello Games.


No Man’s Sky Update Files Suggest Land Vehicles Are Inbound

A buggy to go with your newfound base, perhaps?

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No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Available Now, Features Base Building

The game now has three game modes.


No Man’s Sky Update Coming This Week, Hello Games Reveals in New Message

“We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game.”


Sony Talks No Man’s Sky, Says Hello Games Is Working to Get Closer to Their Original Vision

“I think what we learned from that is that we don’t want to stifle ambition.”


Sean Murray: No Man’s Sky Twitter Account Was Hacked

“If anything was a mistake, it was using LinkedIn without 2FA.”


No Man’s Sky Disappears From UK’s September Digital Sales Chart

FIFA dominates as usual.


Hello Games Is Busy Working on the Next No Man’s Sky Update, Dev Says

“It’s entirely up to Hello or Sean as to when they want to talk publicly.”