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Phil Spencer on VR: This Isn’t “the Time to Be Competitive in This Space”

Console VR remains exclusive to PlayStation.


Xbox Boss Responds to Sony’s Comment About Minecraft Cross-Play

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft requires an Xbox Live log in.

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Xbox Boss Sees PS4 Pro “As More of a Competitor” to Xbox One S Than Xbox One X

Xbox One X “is a true 4K console.”

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Microsoft Confident Xbox Scorpio “Will Be the Very Best Console Version of Games This Year”

Microsoft launched their Xbox Game Pass today.


Phil Spencer Clarifies His Remarks on Horizon Zero Dawn and Impact of Single-Player Games

He says industry should want them to do well.


Microsoft Had Plans for More Powerful Xbox One Consoles in 2016 & 2017

They didn’t think they could deliver enough in 2016 with the silicon that was available.


Phil Spencer Says Gaming Isn’t a “Race Between Two Consoles”

Says gaming has a “bigger opportunity” than a two console battle.


Xbox Boss Asks Fans to Celebrate “Good” Games Like Horizon Zero Dawn

Phil Spencer says it’s a positive for the whole industry.

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says DLC Exclusivity “Doesn’t Feel Like Growth”

Spencer spoke of the importance of establishing new IPs.

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Isn’t Worried About PS4 Pro Releasing Before Project Scorpio

He attributes low sales in Japan to different tastes in games.


Xbox Takes Shot at PS4 Over Mod Issue as Phil Spencer Disapproves of “Negative Dialog”

Spencer isn’t impressed.

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Xbox Boss: Sony’s Doing “Incredibly Well With the PS4,” But Our Strategies Are Different

Xbox Play Anywhere isn’t a response to what Sony’s doing.


E3 2016 – Phil Spencer Unconcerned About Sony’s First-Party Output

“To say that the other consoles are doing a better job shipping more games for their customer…I don’t see that.”


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Congratulates Naughty Dog on Uncharted 4

Bruce Straley says to take your time with Uncharted 4.

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Phil Spencer Hopeful Sony Can Find Success With PlayStation VR, Says Uncharted 4 “Will Be a Great Game”

“VR is still right at the beginning.”


Phil Spencer: Xbox One Cloud Computing Power Available to All, Including PS4 Games

“We wouldn’t keep anyone from using it.”

Xbox One vs PS4

Phil Spencer Admits PS4 Has A “Huge Lead” Over Xbox One, Isn’t Sure If Microsoft Can Catch Up

“Sony is having incredible success with PlayStation 4, and they’ve earned that.”


Xbox Head Phil Spencer Isn’t Crazy About VR

Thinks it will take away from the social aspect of gaming.


Xbox Boss Thinks Console Wars Are “Incredibly Unhealthy for Our Industry”

He doesn’t feel bad about Sony selling so many PS4s.