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PS3 Review – SoulCalibur V

SoulCalibur V has the series at odds. It’s a competent fighter, yes, but nothing about it really screams “must-have” unless you are a diehard fan.

Ezio Auditore Crosses Over to Soul Calibur V?

If a recent leak is to be believed, then Ezio will beRead the full article…

Soul Calibur V’s Development is Under the Gun

It’s been a couple years since the Soul series has had aRead the full article…

Transcend the Competition In Soul Calibur V

A new trailer has arrived for Soul Calibur V, asking us to forge our own destiny as we carve a path through the numerous opponents found within.

.hack Developer Helps Create Soul Calibur V’s Story Mode

CyberConnect2 has teamed up with Project Soul to create Soul Calibur V’s story mode, and a new trailer shows Natsu and Zwei in action.

Soul Calibur V Screens Enter the Arena

22 new screen shots of Soul Calibur V have surfaced thanks to Namco Bandai, and they show off some of the new characters.

Soul Calibur V Not Arriving Any Time Soon

Hisaharu Tago, Producer of Soul Calibur V, recently provided some details onRead the full article…

Soul Calibur V’s Roster Size Revealed

Information on Soul Calibur V has been slowly trickling out on the web, and now we know how many characters we’ll be able to fight with when the game releases.

Soul Calibur V to Mirror Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

Not much is known about Soul Calibur V. Fans have been wantingRead the full article…

Soul Calibur V Site Goes Live, Help Reveal Hidden Images

After teasing us for over a month, the countdown on Namco Bandai’sRead the full article…

Namco Bandai Press Event: Soulcalibur V Announced, Tekken To Have CG Film, Tales of Graces Getting Localized

Oh, SoulCalibur. It’s been a looong time. How have you been? Yes,Read the full article…