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Respawn on Titanfall 3: “We Don’t Know Yet” If We’re Going to Make It

Titanfall 2 “is, critically, a huge success.”

Titanfall 2 Goes Gold, Gets a Single-Player Cinematic Trailer

There won’t be a massive day one patch.

Respawn Wants Titanfall 2 to “Appeal to as Many People as Possible”

They’re “pouring everything” into this.

Titanfall 2 Reveal “Will Be Worth the Wait,” Promises Respawn Co-Founder

Titanfall is expanding to mobile devices.

Respawn Won’t Be Showing “Anything” at E3 2015

No Titanfall announcement for you!

Respawn Reiterates Titanfall Sequel Could Come to PlayStation, Says 2015 Will be “A Little Quiet”

“I’ve already said future projects will not necessarily be exclusive.”