Echochrome Hands On Impressions

To sum this game up with one word, DIFFICULT.  I can honestly say there is nothing else like it on the market.

Stages range from small, to large maze like structures, that have you twisting and turning the stage all around to figure out how to get your character to the finish.

Controls are very simple with the left analog stick being used to rotate the stage, and holding R1 while rotating, speeds up the process.

The music, takes a classical tone, which can relax, but just as easily frustrate.  It gives the game an elegant appeal that is unlike any other game.

The game definitely invokes the thought process, and challenges the mind to no end. I got past a few of the first few stages, only to get stumped by a stage that looked very simple.  Simple can be deceiving in Echochrome.

There are 3 options of game to choose from, “Infinite” which allows you to play stages at random.   “Box” which allows you to play the main game, aiming to get the best time in each stage.   “Canvas” allows you to create your own stages, and test them out. 

I had some fun toying around with “canvas” mode as you can see by the main picture above.

Below are some more pictures of the game in action….

Here is a shot of “Box” main screen

Here is 2 of the more difficult stages I encountered…

Here is a slightly tilted view of the main story picture and an idea what “canvas” mode is…

On a final note, I dont know if its from all the spinning, and rotating, or if I was just feeling sick.  But while in the middle of playing, I suddenly had to run to a trash bucket, and I puked my guts up…   You can file that under too much information.