PlayStation LifeStyle: PlayStation 3 New Owner Checklist

With the new Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB bundle being released this Thursday ( June 12th 2008 ) there will be a huge influx of new PS3 owners. Many of which aren’t sure what games or accessories to buy to get the most out of their PS3 experience.

PlayStation LifeStyle has taken the liberty of coming up with a new PS3 owner checklist. We know some of you might be on more of a budget than others. So I will break it up the article into your “must haves”, the “worthwhile extras”, and the “ultimate PS3 experience”


Uncharted: Drakes Fortune – This 3rd person shooter makes the top of my list because its the best PS3 game out at the moment (if your reading this after June 12th that has probably changed).  The game boasts an enthralling storyline, excellent gameplay, and some of the best graphics ever seen on any console.

Resistance: Fall of Man – This Insomniac developed launch title instantly earned my respect with its 40 person online multiplayer, unique weapons and enemies, and amazing single player campaign (which can also be played co-op).  The game was so good that its sequel Resistance 2 is one of my most anticipated games.


DualShock 3 – Sure one gets packed in the new 80GB bundle, but your going to want 2…  Even if you only play by yourself, you are going to want to have one charged and ready to go for when the one your using needs to be recharged.  The DualShock 3 is fully featured with rumble and SIXAXIS tilt functionality.

Bluetooth headset –  Sony hasn’t released an official PS3 bluetooth headset at the time of this writing, however they have left it open for PS3 users to use pretty much any bluetooth headset on the market.  You can either get the MGS4 bluetooth headset (that looks like Metal Gear Mk II) or check out this thread to find a compatible bluetooth headset.

HDMI (or component) cable – This only applies to you if you have a HDTV.  HDMI is the best possible connection on the market to send and receive digital content.  You don’t need to buy a $200 Monster Cable to get the best picture.  You will be fine with a relatively cheap (under $30) cable from

Everyday Shooter (PSN) – The most unique and original PSN title, was created by one man, Jonathan Mak.  This analog shooter offers a deep game, crazy art style, and some of the best in game music I have ever heard.  There is plenty to unlock, and is extremely difficult so it will keep you busy for a long while.

Planet Earth Blu-Ray Disc – This is the single best way to show off the full 1080p capabilities of Blu-Ray disc.  This 4 disc set, brings you into the wild, with never before filmed footage of animals from every continent on the Planet.  Crisp clear visuals will impress anyone who lays their eyes on it.


Grand Theft Auto IV – If you are from the PLANET EARTH then you must have heard about GTA before, so I am not going to explain it too much.  Rockstar gives GTA the next gen treatment and does a great job at it.  The city actually feels like its living and breathing.





PlayStation Eye – This almost made the list of MUST BUYS, for the simple fact, it will help you get the very most out of your PS3.  Some games such as SingStar, you cant (obviously) upload videos of your performances without having the PS Eye.  The PS Eye is also used for video chat with up to 6 people at once.  There are even a few downloadable games, as well as downloadable interactive art made for it that you can pick up from the PS Store.  Also from the PS Store you can download the video and image editing software Eyecreate that lets you capture, edit, and add special effects.  The PS Eye didn’t make the list of MUST HAVES because there is just not enough content for it yet.  In time the PS Eye will become and integral part of the PS3 experience.

Blu-Ray Remote – Makes watching Blu-Ray movies, or DVDs, even more simple, and is especially useful if someone in your household isnt familiar with, or uncomfortable with a PS3 controller.  Its also very useful as a media remote to control your music, or browse your photos.

Oblivion – The First (and 3rd) person RPG, offers one of the largest worlds ever to be seen in a RPG.  With many character classes and skills, each replay offers a unique experience.  It was tough to get used to at first because of my turn-based JRPG roots, but once I got the hang of it, I was instantly addicted.  This game is especially worth the money because of all the hours of gameplay you get out of it.

Warhawk – This game is online only, but that doesn’t detract from the experience.  Wage war against other players, on foot, in tanks, or in your warhawk.  Warhawk is also constantly expanding with add on DLC being released on the PS Store.

USB flash drive (or Memory Stick Pro Duo) – Perfect for transferring files from your PC to your PS3 and back.  I mentioned the Memory Stick Pro Duo, in case you have a PSP already, or are thinking about getting one.  That way you can use the Memory Stick Pro Duo, in both your PSP and PS3 on top of being able to use it for file transfers.  If you have a 40GB PS3 then get the flash drive over the MS Pro duo, as you don’t have the card slots on your PS3.

Super Stardust HD (PSN) – This is easily the most popular PSN title.  Another analog shooter, thats challenging and fun at the same time.  One of the first titles to support custom soundtracks, you can listen to music stored on your HDD, in game.

High Velocity Bowling (PSN) – With the success of Wii Sports, you can look to High Velocity Bowling if you are looking for a bit more realistic of an experience.  Swing your DualShock 3 or SIXAXIS like you were bowling, and watch how realistically the ball rolls toward the pins as if it actually left your hands.







160GB-500GB HDD – If you are to upgrade I recommend you upgrade big the first time so you arent left having to upgrade again in the future.  At the PS3 launch I upgraded to a 160GB HDD and I am already almost out of space.  With mandatory game installs, a huge PSN game library, and the ability to store media on your HDD, has left me with no space.  Dont forget you will need 10GB to spare if you ever decide to run Linux on your PS3.  Make sure when purchasing a larger capacity  HDD that its a 2.5″ SATA HDD.

Keyboard and Mouse – Almost any USB or bluetooth keyboard will do.  However there is one KB/M combo that was designed for the PS3, that is the Logitech diNovo Mini.  Read our full review here.  You can use the keyboard and mouse combo to move about the XMB, as well as for typing messages to friends, and browsing the internet.

PSP – There is a feature on the PS3 called remote play that allows you to use your PSP, to access your PS3 from anywhere there is a wifi connection.  You can turn on, and off the PS3, access your music, videos, even some games on your PS3 as well as sending and reading messages from your friends list.  Perfect for downloading the PS Store updates when you cant be home to access your PS3.  There are plenty of other features too, such as being able to set the audio to output from your PS3 rather than the PSP, and use the PSP, as a screen making it a media remote from anywhere in your home.  Wifi connection needed.

Additional Blu-Ray discs – Once you see exactly how amazing the picture and audio quality Blu-Ray disc provides you are going to want to buy most of your movies for now on, on Blu-Ray disc.  Now that its won the format war, we will start to see lower prices (hurry up already) as well as more support from movie studios.

PSN titles – Other recommendations for downloadable games are, Pain, Mortal Kombat 2, LocoRocco Cocorecho, Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix, Echochrome, Blast Factor and the fan favorite PixelJunk Monsters.  I would suggest you read up on each title before you make your choice.


There you have it.  Thats “THE LIST”.