PlayStation LifeStyle Trivia – PlayStation/Sony Brand

Written by Sev1512

As a new part of our laid back, “LifeStyle” approach, we will be rolling out some new weekly, and bi-weekly features.

Today, I would like to introduce to you…

PlayStation LifeStyle Trivia!

This weeks trivia will be about the PlayStation/Sony Brand. Each week or so, we will be bringing you “themed” trivia.  So get on your thinking caps, and get ready for some tough (and not so tough) trivia.

Please email your answers to and please do NOT post answers in the comments section.  We want this to be fair and difficult for all of our readers.  Whoever emails the CORRECT answers first will get their name in lights (well bolded) on a separate post.

Oh, and if you happen to be a member of our forums you will get a special VIP status until the next trivia winner is announced.

Q1: Who was the founder and “father” of PlayStation?

Ha hah!! I hope you dont think they are all that easy! the next one is a real tough one.

Q2:  What was the original name for the company that is now Sony?

Q3:  What company was Sony developing a CD based add-on for, which eventually became the PSOne?

Q4:  What was the first million seller on the PS3?

Q5:  What was the name of the Black colored PSOne that allowed users access to minor development features?

Q6:  What game was launched bundled with the uber-failure the PS2 HDD?

Q7: In what month and year, did the original Dual Shock controller debut in America?

Q8:  How thin are Sony’s cutting edge OLED HDTVs?

Q9:  What is the name of the “dancing” “egg” shaped music/mp3 player debuted by Sony at this years CES?

Q10:  What is the best selling PlayStation game of all time?