Parasite Eve 3 is on the PSP

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Apparently it must be the PSP's birthday too
Apparently it must be the PSP's birthday too

Square Enix did deliver a lot of good news for the PSP at its exclusive press event. You already know about Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP. You need to be sure to add Parasite Eve 3 to the list of titles that Square Enix is bringing to the PSP. These two releases in addition to Dissidia and Birth By Sleep, make me less heartbroken over the FF XIII situation.

Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday will be released on the PSP in 2009. Many have been dying for a chance to get to play the next installment of the series and were disappointed by the initial announcement that the game would be available on mobile phones. (I only play Bubble Breaker on my phone. I have my PSP for mobile gaming). Square Enix is definitely showing the PSP a lot of love these days.