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The FCC Gives an Early Look at the PSP-3001

August 14, 2008Written by Azariah Ellington II

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
Nothing new here. As of yet

Nothing new here...yet

The PSP-3001 does not appear to have many changes as of yet. The FCC did not release too much information. The WiFi supposedly has not been upgraded to G or Draft-N. (I am saddened). There is no news of a second analog nub. The list of nothing new could go on for a while. Of course we have to remember that this isn’t an official unveiling. This is more of a confirmation that it is coming.

With the initial news of nothing new being added as of now, what secret additions do you hope will be in the PSP-3001? Do you expect an announcement at say Leipzig?

Here is the link to the FCC info.

Thanks for breaking the news Engadget.