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1 of the 11 Revealed: Demon Souls

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

Yes, it will be playable at TGS

Yes, it will be playable at TGS

It may be a little more specific to say 1 of the 9, but 1 of 11 is equally as correct. There are 11 unannounced  PS3 titles that will be shown at TGS, 9 of which will be published by SCEJ. Demon Souls is one of those 9, directed by From and produced by Sony. Now for the best part, this is an Action-RPG. I know you all, just like myself, were hoping for more RPGs.

The game will allow for a great deal of customization, this includes the appearance of the main character. You will also be able to approach the game as you see fit. Looks like you will not be forced to save the world if you do not want to. (I will save the world). Volteria is the setting where the game takes place. Demons and beasts have destroyed the kingdom and you are now free to explore the world. (I told you this was an RPG). There will be enemies that are several times larger than your character and action is a major part of the gaming experience. (I repeat, this is an Action-RPG).

How do you feel about game #1?