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PS3 Preview – NCAA Football 10

February 20, 2009Written by Joseph Peterson


A while back I wrote a story about the first look at Madden 10. It can be found HERE. Well, it seems the first info of this year’s NCAA Football has surfaced. The source is once again from EA Sports’ InsideBlog. The article discusses how in years past, the QB when dropped back wouldn’t pass the ball automatically so that the player could go with more of a coaching route. There is now a setting that can be enabled via the options that can fix this. Also it seems that NCAA Football 10 will feature the same “Procedural Awareness” feature that was discussed in the previous feature dealing with Madden 10. The full article with a video is included after the jump.

Hey I’m Russ Kiniry, a Designer from the NCAA Football 10 team and wanted to jump on here and offer a little feature added to NCAA Football 10.

Really quick about me: I’ve been here at Tiburon since 2000 when I started as a QA tester. I’ve spent the majority of my EA years on our football titles (and many years before as I grew up on Madden/NCAA like many of you). Currently I’m working on Dynasty and Game-Play features for NCAA Football 10; by far the two most important areas to me personally so it’s a good fit, in my opinion at least J. I’m ecstatic to be here and want to get as much info out as we can to all you guys.

A feature we get asked for by some of the more simulation (SIM) oriented crowd is the ability to just call plays and let the CPU make the moves on the field (basically “Coach Mode”). Just calling plays hasn’t worked in years past because the Quarterback would never throw the ball so you would be stuck making at least one decision on the field.

A new option in the Game Controls Settings called Auto Pass aims to solve the problem. Very simply put when it is turned on your QB will be under CPU control if you just snap the ball and don’t move the analog stick. Note: This option is OFF by Default, so make sure you visit the Game Controls – Passing screen and turn it ON when you pick up the game.

Ideally this provides a different way to play the game and give some of us football purists a way to settle the occasional game by play calling alone (as much as I LOVE giving someone a little D-pad juke).

There are so many more things I want to (and will get to) talk about… Technically I’m not breaking the news so I should be able to get away with a second feature from the Game-Play side of things …

If you’ve been reading this site and seen Ian’s post February 1st Madden NFL 10: First Look which pertained to Procedural Awareness you’ll be happy to know the same technology exists in NCAA Football 10. Please make sure you give the post a look; I don’t want to take away from a great read. Let me say my controllers may actually make it through a year; it’s amazing to see DB’s and WR’s track the ball in the air.

Keep checking back here every week or so for more sneak peeks into NCAA Football 10 from myself and the rest of the team.


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