Trophy Guide – Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

featuresonicugctrophyguideSonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection is a title just about everyone is happy to see.  General gamers love it because it includes so many great games, and Trophy hunters love it because it’s fun and one of the more simple Platinum trophies you will encounter.  If you’re of the latter type, you’ll be happy to know that the Platinum takes an average of eight hours to achieve, and that’s even allowing some additional play time over what’s needed.

Platinuminary (Platinum): Earn all other trophies for Sonic’s Collection.

– Collect all 34 other Trophies.

Get Rich (Bronze): Alex Kidd: Collect 1,000 in currency

– Easily earned by just playing the game and opening all the chests you run across.  I’d advise not entering the buildings as they more often than not won’t help at all.  A single coin is worth 10, while a bag is worth 100.

Don’t Die (Bronze): Alien Storm: Reach Mission 3 without losing a life

– For this you want to set the game difficulty in the options to easy.  pick whatever character you feel comfortable with, however most people find the robot to be the best suited.  There is a boss fight at the end of level 2 which you will want to try and save most of your health for.  Keep at it and once he’s defeated you’ll reach level 3 and get your Trophy.

Enter the Beast (Bronze): Altered Beast: Collect 100,000 pts or higher by the end of the first level

– The only tip I can give here is to kill every enemy you can and collect any of the floating power ups that they release.  You’ll need to collect three of these power-ups before you’ll be allowed to fight the boss.  The skeletons with long reach are easier to kill by jumping and kicking them.

Holy Water (Bronze): Beyond Oasis: Unlock the Water Spirit

– When you gain control of the character head directly north and dispatch of the enemies that are there.  After the ensuing conversation, you’ll be outside a house.  From here head left into the next screen.  Continue heading left and then down until you find an area to the next location.  Head north across the bridge to the castle.  Once inside take the right set of stairs and follow the path around.  In the throne room go and talk to the king who will give you the red key. Return to the village you started in and continue heading right and north. You’ll eventually come to an area where you can loop around and enter the water temple.  Enter the temple and make your way through by opening the chests and killing enemies for the keys to advance.  When you reach the room that sends waves after you, jump as they come and you’ll be able to continue on.  You’ll now fight the boss, just keep attacking and if you get low on health use some of your healing items.  Continue on  and get your Trophy.

Stealing Points (Bronze): Bonanza Brothers: Reach 40,000 points on the first level

– The most simple way to go about this is to  get past the first security guard by sneaking by or just shooting him.  Continue left a bit more and you’ll see a closed door with a guard on the other side.  Opening the door will hit the security guard and reward you with 1000 points.  Keep repeating the process until you get 40,000 points.  You don’t have to wait for him to stand back up to hit him again, just let the door shut then open it again then repeat.

Easy as Pie (Bronze): Columns: Get 20,000 points only on Easy Mode

– Contrary to the trophy title, this isn’t as easy as you would think.  First start off by setting the difficulty in settings to Very Easy and then start the game.  Select the easy levels and begin playing.  The first few levels are easy enough, but once it speeds up it can be hard to plan your moves.  However there is a simple way to allow yourself time.  Pause.  You’ll see everything and have more than ample time to plan out your move.

Hardly a Hero (Bronze): Comix Zone: Complete first episode

– You’ll need to complete two pages of the comic.  It’s not too difficult, however if you find it to be difficult there is an invincibility cheat to assist.  To turn it on go into option and then jukebox.  Hit circle on the following tracks in this order:  3, 12, 17, 2, 2, 10, 2, 7, 7, 11.  You’ll hear ‘Oh yeah!’ to know it worked.

Get Ahead (Bronze): Decap Attack: Collect 5 Bonus Coins

– Bonus coins are dropped from the destroyable statues that are littered around the areas.  You’ll find one per area, so it won’t take too many levels to get 5.

Communication is Key (Bronze): Ecco: Talk to another dolphin

– Swim right and use sonar on a dolphin.  Easy, huh?

Taste Like Tuna (Bronze): Ecco: The Tides of Time: Eat 200 fish

– Find a school of fish and speed swim into them.  You’ll eat one maybe two per pass.  If they go off screen they will respawn and you can swim through them again for some more fish.  It may not be the most fun way, but it’s the quickest.

Suit up (Bronze): E-SWAT: Obtain the Combat Suit (Complete Mission 2)

– In the options, set the game to Easy and Max lives.  Make your way through the first level crouching and shooting when you see an enemy on your level and shooting anything above you.  The boss for this area is a Helicopter.  It has a standard attack pattern which can easily be avoided once you know what’s coming.  For the second level make your way to the top right and there will be an area where you can jump behind the bars.  Follow the path as it zig-zags through the area, crouch and shoot when you encounter enemies, until you see the exit to the next area after another drop down area.  Make your way to the right by jumping onto the conveyor belts nearest the camera and jumping over the spiked gaps.  Two bosses will jump down.  Stay in the middle of this area and crouch.  Keep shooting towards the enemies.  One of them will jump over you to the other side from time to time, crouch and shoot at you.  You can block their shots with shots of your own.  Continue turning sides and [crouch] shooting until both enemies are dispatched of.  Their suits will explode before they are defeated, so don’t think you won too early.  After the level you’ll get a suit and the Trophy.

Don’t Get Lost (Bronze): Fatal Labyrinth: Progress to the fifth level of the labyrinth

– Each level has a single set of stairs that will take you up to the next level.  You don’t need to clear the level of enemies, though it may make exploring the levels easier.  You may want to save (press select and choose save) after each level just in case you do happen to die.

Getting Chicks (Bronze): Flicky: Collect 80,000 points

– You’ll get the most points per level by collecting all the little chicks and returning them in a single line.  You’ll also will get points based on your time.  The Tigers can be manipulated to jump to wherever you want them to by luring them then jumping up/ducking under to another platform.  Every couple of levels you will also have a bonus level, try to catch every chick as you’ll get an additional 10k points.

Garden Gnomes (Silver): Golden Axe: Collect 20 magic power-ups

– This should only take a few levels.  You’ll see certain blue and short enemies with sacks on their backs.  These enemies will drop magic power-ups when hit.  They’ll usually stay around long enough for 2-3 hits.  Keep playing until you pick up a total of 20.  You can use magic, it will not hurt your progress.

Tower Up (Silver): Golden Axe II: Complete Tower Level

– In the options set the amount of lives to max, difficult must stay at Normal.  The Tower Level is the third level and you’ll need to complete it.  Find a strategy that works for you and roll with it.  Save your magic for bosses or whenever there are large amounts of enemies on screen.

Saved by Magic (Gold): Golden Axe III: Use magic 10 times

– The short blue enemies are again the ones who drop magic power-ups.  Use magic as often as you can and use a single power-up at a time to maximize your efforts.

TGIF (Silver): Kid Chameleon: Collect Maniaxe

– The first Maniaxe powerup is on the fourth level.  Just play through the first three levels as normal.  Continue along the fourth level until you come to an area where it looks like you can go no way but up.  There should be a power-up nearby that turns you into a suit of armor, this power-up will allow you to climb walls by repeatedly pressing O.  The Maniaxe power-up  is at the top of this area.

Twinkle Twinkle (Bronze): Ristar: Collect 5 Yellow Stars

– The Yellow Stars are the items that give you health. There aren’t many per level and some of them are hidden, though you can use cheat ‘MIEMIE’ to reveal the locations of hidden items.

Yatta! (Gold): Dr. Robotnik’s M.B.M.: Complete the game

– You can use the code Yellow, Has Bean, Blue, Blue (The ‘Has Bean’ is the orange creature) to skip directly to the final match on easy mode.  I suggest playing a few levels first to get an understanding of how gameplay works.  You need to be quick and plan out your moves.  You can make rocks fall on your opponent by getting combos, and that is the key to victory.  You can pause the game to give yourself some time to think, but you will not be able to see your current piece, so you’ll need to remember it and it’s orientation.  If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again.

True Ninja Skills (Silver): Shinobi III: Complete first level without using continues

– Set the game to easy with max shurikens.  It’s not a hard game but the boss can sometimes prove to be a problem.  When he attacks you he will leave himself open for attack, use this opportunity to attack.

Complete Chaos (Bronze): Sonic The Hedgehog: Obtain a Chaos Emerald

– Make your way through the first level collecting 50 coins.  When you reach the end of the level there will be a giant coin that you need to jump into.  Take this opportunity to save (select and choose save) as getting the emerald can be problematic at times.  Guide Sonic through the maze avoiding the finish lines.  Once you see the emerald keep hitting the blocks around it to get rid of them.  Once you have broken through grab the emerald for the Trophy.

A Different Tail (Gold): Sonic 3: Collect 100 rings with Tails anywhere on Angel Island Zone.

-Start a new game as Tails and collect 100 rings in the first zone.  Try not to get hit because you need to have all 100 rings at the same time to get the trophy.  Any rings collected from mini-games do not apply toward the trophy.

Flicky to the Rescue (Bronze): Sonic 3D Blast: Rescue 20 Flickies.

– Flickies are little bird like creatures that are inside of enemies.  Once you kill an enemy the flicky will be freed hop around.  Kill 20 enemies and collect the flickies.  There are 10 flickies in each level and you can only carry five at a time.  you will need to find the giant ring and grab it to save the flickies you are carrying with you so you can collect more.  You should be able to get this trophy by the third level if you collect all of the possible flickies.

Lots of Zeros (Gold): Sonic Spinball: Get 10,000,000 points in the first level

– This can be achieved in the first level.  Hit as many switches as you can and try not to die.  The faster you finish the level the more points you will get.

Get to the Chopper (Silver): Super Thunder Blade: Score over 1,500,000 points in the first level

– Set the game on easy with max lives in the options menu and play the first level.  Stay close to the ground and shoot as many enemies as you can.  Try to avoid being hit by anything.  You should have it by the time you get to the battleship near the end of the level.

Three Times a Charm (Bronze): Streets of Rage: Complete 1st Level using all 3 characters

– Set the game to easy and max lives.  Play the first level with any character.  Once you complete the level save the game and quit.  Repeat this process for all three characters and the trophy is yours.

Good Day Mate (Silver): Streets of Rage 3: Unlock Roo the Kangaroo as a playable character

– Set the game to easy with max lives.  Play through to the end of the second level.  When you reach the Clown boss kill him without killing Roo to unlock the trophy.  You can hurt Roo just make sure not to kill him.

Super Charged (Silver): VectorMan: Collect 500 photons

– Set the game to lame (easy) and max lives.  Play through the game and collect as many photon’s as you can.  Photons look like a circle with a star in it.  Shoot everything in sight to get photons.  It will take about five level to collect all 500 photons.  You can wait for enemies to respawn and kill them again to for more photons.  Doing this can speed up the process a little.

Can You Dig It? (Silver): VectorMan 2: Reach Scene 11

– Set the games to lame with max lives and play trough to level 11.  There is a cheat that will take you directly to level 11 if you wish to use it. Pause the game and press: up, right, square, triangle, square, down, left, square, down, start.  Choose “Dig 2” to go directly to level 11.  The trophy will pop up after a few seconds.

Blast Processing (Silver): Play all Genesis Titles

– Play every game once.  On the main menu choose a game and start it up.  Once the “Sega” screen loads, you can quit and choose the next game.  Repeat until you have played all of the games.  This must be done in one sitting without turning the game off.

Master the System (Silver): Unlock Everything

– Unlocking trophies will unlock almost everything.  To see what you have to unlock still press triangle at the main menu.  Highlight anything with a lock next to it and it will tell you what you need to do to unlock it.  The only one that is not tied to a trophy is to beat the first boss of Sonic 2 with two players.  all you have to do is play the first level with two players and beat the boss at the end.  You can do this by yourself with two controllers.  Start the game with both controllers and when you get to the boss just make sure to jump around a little with the second controller once you get to the boss.  Kill the boss and it will unlock the final interview.

No Life (Silver): Watch Every Video

– Once all the videos are unlocked (see Master the System) press X to start them up.  Then press circle to  exit the video.  You do not actually have to watch the entire video.

Critique (Silver): View all Artwork

– At the main menu press circle.  This will bring up the museum.  Use R1 or L1 to choose view the game’s art.  Press X on the game box and cartridge to view them.  Repeat for every game and the trophy is yours.

Only in the ’80s (Silver): Play all Arcade Titles

– In the extras menu start all of the unlockable arcade games.  These will be unlocked as you unlock other trophies.  You can highlight any locked game to view the requirements to unlock it.  You only have to load the game to the title screen.  You do not need actually play the game.