Intel on the Latest Killzone 2 Patch

May 12, 2009Written by Draisey


Seb from Guerrilla Games has announced that his team is working on an update that will bring Killzone 2 to 1.27 status. Check below for his full post on what the patch will include, and what its purpose is.

“Patch 1.27 is well under way and will be released a little later this month. It is a pretty sizable patch with some excing features. More on that later on when we get closer to releasing it. There is also a lot of server related maintenance coming with that and a lot of other things still in the works. (DLC 2 anyone?) But more on that later.

So, behave yourselves and a press-release with the changes in patch 1.27 will be released when a date and time for release has been agreed upon with all regions.


PS: Patch 1.26 has been released in Japan which will help with some of the 3505 errors as well as the resulting hangs they have been experiencing. Was to do with some crazy unicode character in their PSN names that was causing an out-of memory issue, but you don’t need to know that. Take care.”

So, any guesses as to what kind of features the team is planning to implement? Let us know in the comment section below!