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Resident Evil: Director’s Cut Claws its Way Onto PSN

May 23, 2009Written by Kyle P.


In a recent push to support more PS1 classics on the PSN, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil: Director’s Cut will be hitting the PSN store, May 28th.

Selling for $9.99, the Director’s Cut features all of the material that was in the original game, and more. I’ll let Matt from the Capcom Unity board help explain what exactly the Director’s Cut entails:

“For those who don’t know what the Director’s Cut version is, this is the updated version of the original game that spawned the Resident Evil franchise, which was released 18 months after the original.  It features an “Arranged Mode” which essentially mixes up the item placement, camera angles, and enemy placement, to give people a different path through the game than found in the original 1996 version.  The game also includes classic moments such as the dogs that jump through windows and scare the crap out of people, as well as one of the cheesiest live action intros ever made. :)”