PS3 Review – Ghostbusters: The Video Game


As you traverse the many different levels of the game, you will at one point or another be with your ghostbusting comrades whether it be as the full team, or if you split up with a single member.  The game is linear all the way through, as you push forward you will progress by triggering invisible switches, which prompt cutscenes or attacks from ghosts.  Many times, you will need whichever ghostbuster(s) you are with to be along side of you for the next invisible switch to be triggered.  Whichever of the group you happen to be pairing up with takes off, leaving the remaining ghostbusters to stand there aimlessly.

Time and time again, I would find myself down a wrong path, only to have to turn around and find my partner who is standing there at the trigger waiting for me. It’s hard to not get frustrated at a game that is designed to be linear, that doesn’t give you any clear indication or direction on where to go next. You can equip your PKE meter, which can help you find those invisible triggers, as well as hidden artifacts and puddles of slime.  Using the PKE completely takes you out of the action since you cannot use your weapons.  Donning your ecto goggles, the screen turns green and gives you a look at PKE valences that are invisible to the naked eye.


Even when battling the baddies, your teammates are, for the most part, worthless.  You will find yourself doing all of the work.  Though occasionally they will toss out a trap, or assist in wrangling a ghost into a trap.  During battles they will alert you to a ghost that is behind you, or if you need to get to cover.  If you or one of your teammates falls in combat, the rest of the team can revive the fallen ghostbuster.

Where the game really shines is the wrangling and trapping of ghosts using the proton stream.  It’s like a third person shooter with elements from a fishing game mixed in, as you “reel” in ghosts to the trap you or one of your teammates dropped.  The smoothness, and responsiveness of the proton stream, and the special effects of the ghost getting sucked into the trap make for a incredibly satisfying experience.  This is the closest you are going to get to your childhood dream of strapping on a proton pack and zapping some ghosts.  I cannot stress enough how fun it is.