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Sony Quietly Snuffing Out PSN Data Slurpers

hate-your-internet-fees-02 is having issues with their site, and they’ve placed the blame directly on Sony’s shoulders.

“We apologize for the issues our service has experienced over the last few weeks. Sony has invested resources to actively work against sites like which has made it impossible to update newer games with our current system.”

The website is known for grabbing PSN data and converting it into [shal]banners[/shal] and [shal]forum[/shal] signatures for its members, and, strangely enough, only Sony Europe has been willing to provide PS3 owners with trophy sigs. [shal]SCEJ [/shal] and [shal]SCEA[/shal] are still behind in this regard. Considering how popular these third party features are, hopefully Sony will choose to help out these fledgling sites and support their loyal userbase.

Then again, this [shal]bandwidth[/shal] tapping on the websites’ part may be the main reason Sony is making their PSN data more secure. And there’s no telling what the overall cost may be on Sony’s end.