Tretton Hopes For the Best on PS3’s Future


The economic depression has had a strong influence on Sony’s profit margins, especially due to shifts in currency value. SCEA head boss Jack Tretton recently expressed his concern over fiscal year 2008’s woeful numbers for the overall game industry, yet shed some optimism over this upcoming fiscal year’s numbers.

“Hopefully last year is as bad as it gets,” speaking to Fast Company. “I think all indicators are that 2009 is going better than 2008. In 2008, we had a 38 percent increase in sales and we hit our ten million units worldwide goal for PS3 sales… At the worst possible time, if you’re hitting numbers and delivering success… my hope is that as our production efficiencies improve and more great games come to market, the horizon has got to be better for 2009 and 2010.

It’s like being out there in a storm – it does cause you to question your conviction, and tie yourself to the mast and weather the storm. We have hit a very challenging period of trying to sell future technology, a high-end device, but is on the high-end retail pricing spectrum, at a time when people’s disposable income is limited. But I think the fact we were successful in that says people are getting the message, that you get tremendous value when you buy a PlayStation product.”

During last fiscal year, Sony managed to sell 10 million units. This year, Sony is forecasting 13 million units will be sold, representing a 30% hike over last year.