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Savage Moon ‘Waldgeist’ DLC Trophy List


The trophy list for the upcoming Savage Moon “Waldgeist” DLC has been revealed.  Savage Moon, the tower defense game was released on the PlayStation Network early this year.

Luddite Trophy (Bronze) – Awarded for completing any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers without any damage to the base.

Banker Trophy (Bronze) – Awarded to those who display excessive bravery and greed by completing 5 levels with the armor and damage settings at their lowest values.

Insectocyte Juggler (Bronze) – Given to expert strategists able to keep any single Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes or more.

Neophile Trophy (Bronze) – Given to those who complete any 5 levels using only Lasers, Anti-Air Towers, Particle Cannons and Orbital Strike Towers.

Purple Heart (Bronze) – Awarded for completing a level retaining less than 25% health without repairing your base.

Waldgeist Admiral Trophy (Silver) – Awarded for completion of all 6 levels achieving the minimum set scores.

Waldgeist Imoon Trophy (Gold) – Awarded for completion of all 6 levels whilst suffering no damage to the base.