Killzone 2 Brings Map Pack Bundle to the Front Line


As Warhawk had done previously, Killzone 2 will be packaging all three of the map packs together, in a nice, neatly priced bundle. This new bundle is perfect for those PS3 owners who have not yet picked up the two previous DLC packs, “Steel & Titanium” and “Flash & Thunder”, or have been thinking about purchasing the new “Napalm & Cordite”.

The new bundle pack will go live tomorrow, with the release of Napalm & Cordite. The pack will be called the ‘Map Pack Bundle’, and will be priced at $11.99 (3 packs for the price of 2).

Remember, all three map packs come with 2 maps, and eight new trophies. So you will be getting 6 maps, and 24 trophies. What’s not to like?