Uncharted 2 Climbs Towards Second Beta


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the latest in the Nathan Drake adventure, is having a great showing at this year’s Comic-Con. Naughty Dog showed off a new level, and everyone is getting pumped. Though, players still want a second chance to play the game before it’s October release. At a recent question-and-answer session with Naughty Dog, they revealed some new information about a new beta.

During the Q&A session for Naughty Dog at Comic-Con, creative director Amy Hennig revealed something fans will sure to get excited about:

“I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but there should be a second phase of the beta.”

A second phase for the beta? Well, that’s just … fantastic! Hopefully, gamers who did not get into the first phase will get their hands on with the title. What do you think will be included in the second phase of the beta? Post your thoughts below.