MAG Beta Covertly Invading PSN


Revealed at this year’s E3, MAG took the show by storm, with an enormous amount of show goers lining up to play the demo. And with the game’s release date looming closer, gamers are wondering if a beta for the title will be released soon. There’s no reason to worry though, as it looks like it will come sooner rather than later.

It seemed as though “a technical error” caused users of the MAG forum to gain access to the MAG Beta section. This was explained as being purely an accident, and it was released early by mistake.

And as it so happens, a “MAG Beta” tag was found under the PSN username “Yaster”, who works at Sony in the English Community Team. It may be clear why someone from Sony is playing a MAG beta, but the fact that it appears clearly under a PSN name could mean that MAG is much further along in development than we thought.

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