PS4 Update 5.0 Beta Sign-Ups Now Live in the US & Europe

Sony has announced that beta sign-ups are now live in the United States and Europe for PlayStation 4 system software update 5.0. The beta itself will begin in early August.

On the US beta sign-up page for PS4 update 5.0, they ask you to enter your PSN ID, indicate if you’re a PlayStation Now subscriber (you can only select yes), and ask if you want to receive future news about Beta programs. On the EU beta sign-up page, you don’t have to answer any questions and can check a box to automatically enroll for future beta tests.

“Please note that completing this enrollment form does not guarantee a place on this Beta Trial. Invitations are at Sony Interactive Entertainment America’s (SIEA’s) discretion. Unless you are selected, we will not contact you [with a voucher code] regarding this Beta Trial,” PlayStation US says. Discussing the auto-enroll, PlayStation EU adds, “We don’t guarantee you’ll always be selected but, any time you are successful, we will send you an email to let you know you made it onto the beta and how to access it.”

Aside from the fact that 5.0 will be a “major system update,” no other details were given today. Expect to hear details on 5.0’s features “soon.”

With PS4 update 4.50 earlier this year, it was announced on January 12, the beta went live on February 6, and eventually launched on March 9.

Will you be signing up for the beta?

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