[UPDATE] Final Fantasy Versus XIII Already On Blu-Ray Disc


[UPDATE] The article was never about the validity of the video creator having firmware 3.00.  It was about the Blu-Ray disc. However, that appears to be a fake.

Other than a few trailers, and some minor details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game is still very shrouded in mystery. Because too few details are known about the upcoming game from Square Enix, many gamers aren’t expecting a release any time soon. We have a video that suggests FF Versus XIII has already been printed on a disc, which might mean we will be seeing the game’s release sooner, rather than later.

The video, which is said to just be demonstrating how animated themes will look on the upcoming 3.0 firmware update for the PlayStation 3, reveals the game may be further along in development than expected.

At 0.14 seconds into the video below, you will see under the XMB’s game tab, a Blu-Ray disc for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Thanks to LoveStrucked for the tip!