PlayStation Store ‘Shifts’ Onto Xbox 360


Need for Speed: Shift, the first title from developer Slightly Mad Studios, has come under recent fire as of late for the number of bugs the title has. One bug is so strange in fact, that even Microsoft may not be pleased by it.

“EA’s new Need for Speed Shift is the most bug-ridden piece of code I have witnessed in recent times.”, says Freakbits user enigmax today. The reason for this post? The title wanted to access the PlayStation Store … on the Xbox 360.


When navigating menus today while connected to Xbox Live the game suddenly crashed again. When my rage had subsided and I got a better look at the screen, I was pretty shocked at what I saw.

Was my Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed Shift really trying to access the Playstation Store? Microsoft are not going to be happy about this.

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