Call of Duty Franchise Nets Multi-Billion Dollars in Sales


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 accomplished multiple massive feats in terms of finances and sales, but what did it do for the franchise as a whole? While the series has been around since 2003, Activision’s blockbuster first-person shooter franchise combined with the sales of Modern Warfare 2 alone pushed the series into a new level.

According to Activision’s latest report for investors, the Call of Duty franchise has surpassed the $3 billion sales mark. Ever since the series’ inception, 55 million copies of Call of Duty games have been sold worldwide across next and previous generation consoles as well as the PC, where the mayhem first began. According to Bobby Kotick:

Call Of Duty has become one of the greatest entertainment franchises of all time. If you consider the number of hours our audiences are engaged in playing Call of Duty games, it is likely to be one of the most viewed of all entertainment experiences in modern history.”

With fans of the game besting the stat record of the development team, Kotick’s assumptions are definitely warranted. After all, it obviously took the fans more hours of grinding than the devs’ development time if they were to beat them at their own game.