Final Fantasy XIII First Week Sales Revealed

December 21, 2009Written by Zak Islam

The recent release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan was certainly a hit, backed up with its impressive sales. The latest installment in the Final Fantasy series has hit a milestone on it’s first day. Following FFXIII’s release, Square Enix have revealed how the title did in the duration of 24 hours and Famitsu has now provided first week total sales data.

Square Enix have revealed that the Final Fantasy XIII sales for the first day “exceeded one million”. The news which was unveiled in a statement released by Square Enix also states that copies of the RPG sold bundled with a Lighting Edition PS3 were not included in the sales.

Just this morning Famitsu went on to reveal the total first week sales of FFXIII in Japan, a whopping 1,516,532 copies were sold. Even better news, the release of the anticipated RPG went on to help sell just under 250,000 PS3 consoles. No word on how many of those were the exclusive ‘Lightning Edition’ PS3 bundles.

When the title is released in the US and Europe in March 2010, do you think first week sales will surpass Japan’s first week sales of FFXIII? Let us know in the comment section.