Last Rebellion Stirs up a Release Date

After what many people have called a slow couple of years in terms of RPG’s on the PS3, it looks like 2010 looks to remedy that and in a huge way.  Early 2010 will see the release of White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean International, Resonance of Fate, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Final Fantasy XIII in the United States and it looks like we can add another RPG to that ever growing list.

PS3 Exclusive Last Rebellion has just been given a February 2010 release date, putting it in the same month as the above mentioned White Knight and Star Ocean.  The game is being developed by Hitmaker and published by NIS America.  In Last Rebellion you are given control over two main characters, Nines and his partner Aisha.  The game promises to feature a dark mature story, stylish graphics and a unique combat system that lets you target certain enemy body parts.

What is especially odd about this February release window is that it comes a month after the Japanese release of the game.   It would be nice if this was the case with every RPG as White Knight Chronicles has seen a year between the Japanese and Western release.  Final Fantasy XIII has seen that trimmed down a bit as it is only a 4 month wait.

For more information on the game and a brand new trailer, check out the Last Rebellion website.