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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Soundtrack Announced

With the impending release of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker a couple months away, Konami has released the details for the game’s official soundtrack. The Metal Gear Solid series has long been known for the beautiful and compelling soundtrack that accompanies the game. This latest soundtrack should not disappoint.

Releasing just a day before the actual game’s launch in Japan, the soundtrack is being priced at ¥2,940 (~$30 USD). The details come straight from Konami’s official online store. Alongside the game’s songs, the CD will also feature “Heavens Divide”, the vocal song featured in many of the game’s trailers, performed by Donna Burke.

Currently, the CD is slated for a Japan-only release. The only Metal Gear Solid soundtrack ever releasd outside of Japan was a slimmed down MGS4 soundtrack that was packaged within the limited edition.