The Last Remnant May Breathe Life on PS3

The Last Remnant has been one of a select few role-playing games for the Xbox 360 and PC in recent years. Created by Square Enix, the title utilizes a real-time combat system as well as quicktime events to deliver a unique blend of RPG and action elements. Thankfully, it seems that the title might be coming to the PlayStation 3 afterall. has listed The Last Remnant as coming to the PlayStation 3 platform. While this isn’t a confirmation of the title coming to the PS3, the rumors of a port have been heavy for months now. Although sales have been sour for The Last Remnant, Demon’s Souls has proved that JRPGs have a safe home on the PlayStation 3.

For now, The Last Remnant coming to the PlayStation 3 is still just a rumor, but hopefully this unique title finds its place on the platform sometime this year.