Heavy Rain PS3 Bundle Revealed

As the release draws closer for a title that will bring unique, interactive gameplay on the PlayStation 3 like no other, France has a new PS3 bundle in it’s forecast. Seeing that Quantic Dream is based in Paris, France, it would make sense for them to make all of France dripping wet with a new Heavy Rain PS3 bundle.

A new PS3 bundle has been unveiled for France, a Heavy Rain bundle will be released on February 24. The PlayStation 3 bundle will include a 250 GB PS3 Slim and a standard Heavy Rain copy, all for 349 Euros ($498/£304). Check out the bundle below:

Amazon.fr also has listings for MAG and God of War III PS3 bundles, but neither of them are accompanied by a pack shot like the Heavy Rain box above. If a retail box for either title is revealed or if any of these bundles make their way outside of France, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.