Trophy Guide — God of War

Need help getting a Platinum Trophy in God of War (part of the God of War: Collection on the PS3)? Look no further, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to obtain every trophy in God of War.

Trophy of Zeus (Platinum)Unlock all God of War Trophies

– There are 36 Trophies in God of War from the God of War Collection: 20 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Bronze, and of course the coveted Platinum Trophy. Despite the overall tough nature of the God of War series, the Trophies are relatively easy to earn in the first part of the collection. It is recommended that players begin Kratos’ journey on a difficulty above Easy in order to claim the “Getting My Ass Kicked” Trophy (see “Getting My Ass Kicked” below).

1.21 Gigawatts (Bronze)Acquire Poseidon’s Rage

– Story-based Trophy. Cannot be missed.

Rocking Out (Bronze)Acquire Medusa’s Gaze

– Story-based Trophy. Cannot be missed.

Bolt Action (Bronze)Acquire Zeus’s Fury

– Story-based Trophy. Cannot be missed.

Sword Man (Bronze)Acquire Blade of Artemis

– Story-based Trophy. Cannot be missed.

Soul Search (Bronze)Acquire Army of Hades

– Story-based Trophy. Cannot be missed.

Metador (Bronze)Win the first Minotaur fight

– Minotaurs will make their appearance earlier on in the game and wield an axe-type weapon (see below). Kratos will confront several of them on a bridge and, after killing them all, the Trophy will pop up.

Scape Goat (Bronze)Win the first Satyr fight

-Satyrs are a hybrid of a human and a goat that wield a hybrid of a staff and an axe (see below). Similar to the Minotaurs, when Kratos first encounters them, he will be outnumbered and when all of them are killed, the Trophy will pop up.

Roll Over…and Die (Bronze)Win the first Cerberus fight

– The Cerberus (a three headed dog, seen below) will first appear in a Colosseum-esque area during the Challenge of Poseidon. This is the toughest of the three Trophy fights because the Cerberus’s will continue to respawn as smaller dogs which will grow into the full-size three-headed dogs. Target the smaller dogs first and when they are out of the way, finish off the lasts fully grown ones.

Don’t They Ever Shut Up! (Bronze)Defeat the Desert Sirens

– This Trophy cannot be missed as killing the  Sirens in the desert road to Pandora’s Box is a requirement to move on.