ACII To Assassinate You With DLC

No one expected Assassin’s Creed II to be such a big leap from its predecessor. It shocked gamers all over by storming the market with impressive sales. Ubisoft wants to reward fans of Ezio by delivering some DLC, and a date has been recently confirmed.

Ubisoft has confirmed the “Battle Of Forli” DLC will be arriving on January 28.

The DLC will find Ezio returning to Forli, the fortified port city that acted as a gateway to Venice in Assassin’s Creed 2. The DLC will consist of six new memories, a few set of missions that should make for a few hours of action. In which Ezio must defend Forli from the Orsi brothers.

The second DLC pack named “The Bonfire of the Vanities” will be arriving some time in February.

If you’ve enjoyed ACII, you’ll be glad to her Ezio will continue his adventure in the upcoming year.