New Doctor Who Games May Be Teleporting Soon

BBC Worldwide has confirmed that they are currently in talks about the development of several Doctor Who games which could be teleporting our way soon.

Speaking with MCV, the BBC confirmed that a variety of ideas are being thought about for the popular television series. BBC multimedia head Dave Anderson:

We’re having a lot of interesting discussions for a variety of ideas around Doctor Who that are complementary to each rather than in competition with each other – boxed product console games, virtual worlds and other experiences.

The deals we are looking at are in different spaces, probably looking at overlapping but different audiences and are certainly delivering a different kind of experience. The Doctor Who audience, who love that show, want to have different experiences around it and it has a huge shelf life going back 47 years.

The company spoke about its audience:

It’s about managing and satisfying expectations of both older and younger audiences.

Maybe a Guitar Hero: Doctor Who game perhaps? Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we reveal more information about the multiple Doctor Who games.