Sony Could Awaken From Their ‘Quantic Dream’

February 18, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Quantic Dream is currently riding the huge wave of excitement for their highly anticipated title, Heavy Rain. As easily one of Sony‘s biggest exclusives this year, Heavy Rain is looking to shatter previously held boundaries for video games and pave the way for a new genre in the medium: interactive drama. In a recent interview, Heavy Rain’s director, David Cage, warned that this new found relationship may not be here forever.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Cage said that Quantic Dream’s next game may not be a PS3 exclusive. It all depends on who picks up the publishing rights.

“Now, is it [the next game] going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive? Well, that really depends on the publisher of Quantic Dream’s next game. If it’s Sony again, yeah no doubt it’s going to be exclusive.”

This certainly makes sense, and should dispel some of the rumors about a Sony-Quantic Dream exclusivity deal.