Naughty Dog is Movin’ On Up

February 28, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

When Uncharted 2: Among Thieves hit the PS3 last year on October 13, it changed developer Naughty Dog forever. Sure fans knew them for the original Crash Bandicoot games and the Jak and Daxter series on the PS2, but Uncharted 2 launched them into the upper stratosphere of the gaming world. How have they been rewarded? Aside from massive number of industry awards, Naughty Dog is getting a new and improved studio so that they can help continue push the PS3 to new levels of awesomeness.

Naughty Dog announced the news over at their Official Blog with much excitement.

Naughty Dog is proud to reveal that after 6 years in our current studio space, it’s time for the Dogs to move on to a bigger, better Kennel. As of March 1, 2010, we’ll be based out of our new studio less than 500 feet away from our current space.

We’ve built out our new studio from a raw and open floorplan to a killer new studio that provides us with more flexibility in space, layout and adjusting to fluctuating staffing needs – not to mention there are some significant upgrades to help us keep developing cutting-edge, award-winning games.

As I was talking to our Co-President Evan Wells about the history of Naughty Dog and the several moves the studio has made in its lifetime – more on that later – he mentioned that he felt our new space “positions Naughty Dog perfectly to adapt to the demands of developing PlayStation games that continue to raise the bar for our industry for the next decade and beyond.” Needless to say, all of the Dogs are looking forward to settling in to our brand new Kennel!

A custom-built studio that so that Naughty Dog can take full advantage of the PlayStation 3? How could this not be fantastic news for us PS3 owners!? They also posted a hilarious piece of artwork depicting the whole Uncharted team movin’ on down the road.

Makes me wonder if Evan Wells and crew went as crazy as these guys when Sony told them of the good news. Naughty Dog promises new information and pictures of their studio once they are settled.