God of War III’s Brutal Budget Spurs Future Development

In a recent interview with GiantBomb, John Hight, director of product development for God of War III at Sony Santa Monica, recently let us know just how large this epic title’s budget was and how many people it took to make it a surefire success.

To say that Sony invested a lot into God of War III is definitely an understatement, as the game’s budget upon completion now stands at a massive $44 million, with 132 individuals working day and night to ensure gamers a truly epic experience; that’s over double the workforce for God of War II.

Not only that, but Hight also hinted that the studio may already have a new IP in the works.

We hope to have another game out on the PS3, it’s our goal, of course, to take this investment in technology and show it off for the next game. I don’t want to make any commitments as far as when we’ll see another God of War game. We’re also capable of doing other IP and that’s something we may be exercising in the next couple months, next year, as far as exploring things. We’re gonna try and get another game out on the PS3 for sure.

Well John, we certainly thank you and the rest of your team for all the hard work, as we’ll be sure to thoroughly enjoy every gory bit of it. Who knows what surprises Sony Santa Monica has just around the bend…

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