“The Possibilities are Endless” for Sony Santa Monica

Sony Santa Monica’s latest title, God of War III has recently recently received rave reviews from critics around the globe, readying millions of fans for it’s release next Tuesday. The game is the latest in the God of War series, and the series debut on the PlayStation 3. However, even thought the game was released so late into the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle it doesn’t mean the team is done with the PlayStation 3. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

VideoGamesZone not too long ago caught up with Adam Puhl, the Lead Combat Designer on God of War III. He expressed his overall excitement for the release of the title, and the future the studio holds with the PlayStation 3.

“We’re pretty excited and curious, because now we have the first game with our new engine on the market. God of War 3 is almost our starting point in terms of PS3. From here the possibilities are endless. Let’s see how God of War 3 runs.”

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