Retail Lists MGS: Rising, Crysis 2 for September; COD 7, New Vegas in October

Well, this was unexpected. A potentially massive list of release dates for various PS3 titles, has been leaked. The rumored listing comes from major UK video game retailer, GAME, who has seemingly revealed a number of release dates that were not yet announced.

The list of release dates covers titles from March to TBA 2010. Among these titles, October seems to be their biggest resting place, with Band Hero 2, Call of Duty 7, DJ Hero 2, and Fallout: New Vegas. Strangely, a listing for James Bond Racing was posted as well, which is currently an unannounced title. Apparently, this racing title will hit in October as well. For September, we’ll be seeing Brink, and Crysis 2 – which received an exact date of the 24th. The most surprising listing out of them all is most likely Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a title we didn’t expect for a while now, considering it has almost no information whatsoever. Rising is set to release the same day as Crysis 2, September 24th.

Now, we advise everyone to take this as a rumor. Don’t get to excited, because it could easily be a fake. As release dates hit, don’t forget to check out PlayStation LifeStyle for all updates on PS3, PSP, and PSN titles.