EA Store Sale: 20$ Off Any Game Over $40 [Update]

Most gamers in this first quarter of 2010 have been dealing with the same problem due to the unprecedented surplus of great titles: too many games, not enough cash. Well, EA has released a deal for today only through their own online store to significantly help us penny-pinching gamers…

As the title states, any EA title, current or future, that is priced over $40 qualifies for the discount. Here’s what to do:

Visit the EA STORE

Apply this code during checkout: PAXEAST842

This deal is applicable to other platforms, like PC and Xbox 360, and applies to the entire EA games library, so this could be the perfect time to pick up that title you previously passed on in lieu of a bigger hit. Keep in mind: the promotion only works once per order, however from what we can tell, it may be possible to place multiple orders with the deal activated each time.

Here’s a list of unbelievable savings we’ve compiled for you :

Current Titles:

Dragon Age: Origins: 24.99

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10: 39.95

Need for Speed™ SHIFT: 39.95

Dante’s Inferno™ Divine Edition: 23.99 (review)

Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2: 36.99 (review)

NHL 10: 39.95 (review)

NBA LIVE 10: 39.95

NCAA® Basketball 10: 39.95

FIFA Soccer 10: 39.95

Army of Two™: The 40th Day: 39.95


Dead space 2: 39.95

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 11: 39.95

Madden NFL 11: 39.95

NCAA® Football 11: 39.95

Medal of Honor™: 39.95

SKATE 3: 39.95

2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup South Africa™: 39.95

Some of these games will be impossible to find cheaper elsewhere, especially the preorders. For instance, Dead Space 2 is due March 31, 2011, a full year from now, and although there may be pre-order deals that you can take advantage of closer to the release date, you will absolutely not find it for this price.

The choice is yours, but act quickly, this deal expires at midnight!


What we previously believed to be a short-time deal has been confirmed to last until April 9th. More time to debate picking up some great titles!

Thanks dmdragon!