3D Will be Limited, Says Ninja Theory Co-Founder

April 4, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Whether you like it or not, 3D gaming is here to stay. With already a plethora of games already announced to have 3D support, gamers around the world are eagerly awaiting the patch that will allow their PlayStation 3’s to display 3D images. Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades recently spoke with CVG, talking about why this generation of 3D gaming may not live up to the hype that silver-screen blockbusters, like Avatar, created.

When asked about the current generation and how 3D will fit into it, Antoniades said that there is a problem now, as there are very few 1080p games in the market.

“The problem is that to do 3D properly you need to render 60 frames per second, per eye. And at least a 720p resolution [per eye].

“So in essence that’s 1080p rendering at 120 frames per second, and the current generation can only process very rudimentary graphics at that spec. I think the technology’s limited now, so you won’t be able to play stuff that looks like Avatar – the movie – in 3D.

“Every generation has to be at least five-to-ten times more powerful than the last, so I think we’ll get there in the next generation. I think that will be totally revolutionary for games.”

Certainly makes sense. With Antoniades logic, we won’t see Avatar-looking 3D until the next console generation, which could easily be 5 more years. Until then, will you buy into the 3D hype? Or will you prefer to play your games…the classic way?