Lords of Shadow Was Almost a Remake of 8-Bit Castlevania

April 11, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

With initial ‘eyes-on’ impressions of Konami’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from developers Kojima Productions and Mercury Steam on the ‘up and up’, the hype train for the game is chugging along rather nicely. Bits of details are being let out and one of the more interesting is the fact that Lords of Shadow was almost a remake of the original 8-Bit Castlevania. Almost? Well why not?

Speaking to Destructoid, Main Producer for C:LOS, David Cox explained the original idea behind Lords of Shadow and why they ultimately decided not to remake the original Vania’ game.

The original concept was to remake the original classic 8-bit game in 3D. That was our original pitch, funny enough, with Simon Belmont and everything. We soon realized as we were doing the prototype that actually that’s probably not a good idea. It’s already been done before with Super Castlevania IV anyway. So we thought let’s do something really original, really new.

If you haven’t heard or read much about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, then make sure you check out the latest details and screenshots here.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be playable at this year’s E3. We will have full hands-on impressions for you to let you know if this is another ‘God of War’ rip-off or the first 3D Castlevania worth buying.

Look for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow this Fall.