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Death Stranding Game

Rumor: Death Stranding to Appear at The Game Awards 2018

Keighley and Kojima are friends, so…

Death Stranding Release

Rumor: An Industry Analyst Believes Death Stranding Release Likely on PS4 and PS5

If true, Death Stranding might be one of the PS5’s most anticipated titles already.

Death Stranding release date

Rumor: Amazon UK Lists Death Stranding Release Date in March 2019, Probably a Placeholder

Probably just a default Q1 2019 placeholder.

metal gear solid collection

Superfan Shows Off Utterly Ridiculous Metal Gear Solid Collection

The ultimate tribute to Kojima.

death stranding story

New Death Stranding Story Details Revealed via Video Synopsis

One of the game’s biggest mysteries is out in the open.

Death Stranding E3

Death Stranding in Top 10 Most Talked About E3 Topics on Twitter

It’s the only new IP on the list.

Death Stranding Hidden Messages

Death Stranding Hidden Musical Message Interpreted

Death Stranding is starting to cause a stir within the gaming community.Read the full article…

Death Stranding game

Kojima Says His Death Stranding Game Isn’t Legitimizing Games

Kojima doesn’t care about the actor’s (or director’s) fame in regards to Death Stranding legitimizing games.

Death Stranding E3 2018

Four Trailers In, and Death Stranding is Still Every Bit as Mysterious

“A cryptobyte a day keeps the Timefall away.”

death stranding combat

Combat Optional in Death Stranding, Player Character Is Not

You can hug it out.

Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

E3 2018: Death Stranding Trailer Mixes Gameplay With Weird Cutscenes

Death Stranding looks awesome and weird.

death stranding gameplay

Report: Death Stranding Gameplay Detailed Ahead of E3

Will it be true?

Death Stranding details constructed by fans

Fans Construct Theory About Death Stranding Being Set in Iceland

Always wanted to go to Iceland. Lots of moss there.

Death Stranding gameplay

Death Stranding Gameplay Requires Global Collaboration According to Mads Mikkelsen

You won’t be alone.

New Death Stranding Screenshot

Hideo Kojima Reveals a Bizarre New Death Stranding Screenshot

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Hideo Kojima.

death stranding diane kruger

Latest Death Stranding Rumor Suggests Diane Kruger is Joining Cast

Would you like to see her in the game?

Players Discover Hidden Message in Metal Gear Survive, ‘KJP FOREVER’

Easter eggs lament the death of the Metal Gear series.

Kong: Skull Island Director Says Death Stranding is ‘Unlike Anything You’ve Seen’

Vogt-Roberts saw Kojima direct a cutscene.

death stranding ps4 development

Hideo Kojima Details the Development Progress of Death Stranding

2017 was much busier for the studio than 2016.

death stranding development

Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Development Pace is Surprising Sony

They’ve “never seen [someone make a game] with a pace as fast as this.”