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PlayStation Deals: Spring Savings Pre-Order Edition

April 11, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Spring is upon us and the season normally marks the beginning of a drought on quality games. However this year there is so many great games in the pipeline, that even Spring is filled with scorching hot releases. We’ve found all the best of the best pre-order deals on the net so you can save some ‘green’. These deals include either low prices, $10 credit toward future video game purchases, and/or a plethora of pre-order goodies. Check out all the ‘Spring Savings’ after the jump…

Most of these deals offer a $10 credit toward a future game purchase, so if you pre-order a few of these, you’ll have enough future credit to get another game absolutely free. Other deals listed below offer either pre-order goodies or just a discount to the retail price. The best deal of all is the Red Dead Redemption deal which nets you exclusive pre-order DLC content and a $10 gift card on top of an already lowered price.

Red Dead Redemption – $56.99 (plus $10 gift card and Golden Guns Weapon Pack)

Super Street Fighter IV – $36.99 (plus $10 credit and Super Classic Costume Pack)

ModNation Racers – $56.99 (plus $10 credit and Ratchet and Clanks Mods DLC)

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker – $36.99 (plus $10 credit)

NIER – $55.99 (plus $10 credit)

UFC Undisputed 2010 – $59.99 (plus $10 credit)

Split / Second – $56.99 (plus $10 credit)

3D Dot Game Heroes – $36.99

Alpha Protocol – $56.99

Lost Planet 2 $59.82 (plus early access to multiplayer demo)

Skate 3 – $59.99 (plus Black Box Distribution Skate Park)

Dead to Rights Retribution $59.99 (plus translucent shadow skin)