Sony UK Reveals Plans for 3D Dominance

April 15, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Whether you like it or not, 3D home entertainment is upon us, and you better get on board lest you end up stuck with one of those boring, old, 2D sets. At least, that’s what major companies, including Sony, pushing 3D would like you to believe.  In fact, the reality of the public’s opinion regarding 3D doesn’t exactly mirror that sentiment. Considering a majority of them recently purchased a brand new HDTV, can you really blame them? So what’s a company who has practically invested their entire future existence in 3D to do? Why, offer friggin’ sweet, awesome incentives to early adopters of the technology, that’s what!

For our UK friends across the pond, Sony is doing a little something in an attempt to entice consumers and spur 3D adoption. For a limited time, the purchase of one of Sony’s newly unveiled 3D TVs will net early adopters voucher codes to download 3 episodes of PAIN, a single level demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, and full game downloads of both WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD. And as you’ve probably guessed, all said titles have been upgraded to be enjoyed in full 3D.

Prices for the sets have yet to be released, but if you ask us, dropping a few thousand pounds in exchange for a free three dimensional high speed, futuristic racing and planet hopping, rock obliterating experience is totally worth it.