Toy Story 3 Comes to Life on PS3 With Exclusive Content

May 1, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

When Disney and Pixar released Toy Story back in 1995, little did they know that it would change the world of animated films forever. The transition from hand-drawn animation to CGI had begun and there was no looking back. Games were based on the first two Toy Story films but to be honest, they just weren’t good. Disney Interactive Studios and Avalanche Software aim to make Toy Story 3 one of the best movie-licensed games ever and they started by announcing PlayStation Move support along with PS3 exclusive content. We have a ‘toy box’ full of information that fans of the series can’t live without.

If you’ve been paying attention to the list of PlayStation Move supports game so far, then you will know that Toy Story 3 the video game will be one of the first PlayStation 3 games to be released to feature PlayStation Move support once Sony’s motion controller hits this fall. Not only will it support the Move, but the PS3 version will also receive exclusive levels that let you play as Emperor Zurg, sworn enemy of Buzz Lightyear!!

John Blackburn, Vice President of Avalanche Software, was more than excited to talk about exclusive Zurg content and about the evil warlord.

What we love about the evil Emperor is that he may be only six-inches tall, but he never comes to grips with his ‘toyhood’ – Zurg is forever out to conquer the universe,”We worked closely with Pixar to ensure the game’s animated toys behave true to their physical counterparts. Zurg is mischievous and fast, and with his arm cannon, he’s great at blasting things-he’ll earn you a lot of gold. But don’t ask him to climb any ledges – we’ve respected the fact that he’s got wheels, not legs.

Rob Dyer, senior vice president of publisher relations, SCEA, even commented about the PS Move support and the Zurg exclusive cotent.

Disney is bringing PlayStation fans a unique and compelling experience through Toy Story 3: The Video Game’s exclusive PS3 content and PlayStation Move mini-games. PS3 is the only platform where players can become the beloved Zurg and hop in his specialized car, or take aim in the shooting gallery with PlayStation Move and experience an unmatched level of precision and realism.

Now it’s time for a gigantic amount of media for you. First up is the official box art.

I must say..I think it’s rather nice if you ask me. We even received a gallery of Emperor Zorg exclusive levels screenshots.

And last, but certainly not least, the Zurg trailer that even Zurg agrees is ‘beyond satisfactory’.

With PlayStation Move support, the exclusive Emperor Zurg PS3 levels, and the create your own level, ‘Toy Box‘ mode, Toy Story 3 is shaping up to be one game the whole family can enjoy. Make sure you don’t miss it on June 15th or the Andy’s toys will forever be lost to the hands of daycare kids!