Familiarize Yourself With Mafia II’s Map

May 10, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Mafia II certainly doesn’t boast the largest of maps. The crime-based title is even seemingly only a third of the size of GTA IV’s Liberty City. However, what the original Mafia did, unlike GTA IV, is fully utilize every area of its map. Something which will be returning to Mafia II.

The original Mafia game had a map entitled, “Lost Heaven”. Mafia II 2’s map, which is called Empire City, has been leaked and strikes a few resemblances to its predecessors map. It doesn’t look entirely bigger-probably even a bit smaller.

Mafia II’s landscape spans across a 10 square mile area called Empire Bay, which is based on New York City. The Empire Bay Map gives an insight on the characters in the game which players will probably take missions from. Some key locations are marked out on the map as well. Check it out below.

Mafia II will welcome Americans into the family on August 24th and Europeans on August 27th.