Red Dead Co-op Trophies Appear

With Red Dead Redemption released to the masses last week Rockstar were quick to outline plans for their stylized western shoot-em-up. They announced the free Outlaws to the End co-op downloadable pack and promised more DLC is to come. Since launching last Tuesday in North America and last Friday in Europe the game has sold very well, racking up over 10 million in its first week.

Upon detailing the Outlaws to the End DLC pack, Rockstar said that the DLC will include six new co-op side missions ranging from raiding a mine and stealing the gold to riding down a river to secure a town’s weapon supply. The DLC will include new multiplayer rewards as well as new trophies. Upon inserting your Red Dead Blu-Ray into your Ps3 today you will be greeted with patch 1.01 which adds the Outlaws to the End trophies to tantalize your taste buds.

The trophies follow:

Well Done – Bronze – Complete a co-op Mission

Have posse, will travel – Bronze – Complete all co-op missions

2 Guys, 1 co-op – Bronze – Complete co-op mission with 2 people

Stake a claim – Bronze – Get a gold medal in any co-op mission

Struck gold – Bronze – Gold medal in all co-op missions

Friends indeed – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without anyone dieing

You rule – Bronze – Complete all advanced co-op missions

Your mother iode – Bronze – Gold medal in all advanced co-op missions

Dodge this – Bronze – Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any advanced co-op mission

Bulletproof – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without dieing

The Outlaws to the End DLC pack will release sometime in June, while you wait read our Red Dead Redemption review.