Quantic Dream Fortify Sony’s Downpour of Exclusives

Quantic Dream shocked the world with one of the most unique and ingenious video games of recent years, Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain was met with warm reception as well as surprisingly solid sales, and as a result PlayStation owners have been hoping for another title from Quantic Dream. Thankfully, it looks like not only is another title in the works, but it is more than likely PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Within the official Quantic Dream website is a recruitment area for potential employees to gauge the requirements before applying. Under the ‘Senior Engine Programmer’ job information it details both of the following:

Under the responsibility of the Lead Engine, you will develop and optimize the different parts of the engine on PlayStation 3.

Strong PS3 Programming skills (SPUs, multi-thread)

When taken into consideration that the entry was recently updated and the writing is in present-tense, it’s hard to argue against the fact that Quantic Dream is working on anything other than a PlayStation 3 exclusive. As usual, Sony have a range of both first-party and third-party studios developing for them exclusively, and the addition of Quantic Dream has been nothing short of fantastic. With PlayStation Move support for Heavy Rain coming later this year, we should expect to see more from Quantic Dream in the future as well as an imminent exclusive announcement.