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PlayStation Home Invites you to Relax by the Pool… Tables

Sony’s PlayStation Home has become the getaway spot for many PlayStation 3 users that just want to relax with friends in an online environment. Playing  pool is one of the popular things available in the areas online, and it has been only been a public feature, until now.

According to YourWorldInHome this Thursday pool tables will become available for purchase  to use in both Apartments and Clubhouses. This should add a completely new element to Home. It will definitely be nice to just invite some friends back to your Apartment on Home and play a couple rounds of pool with them. The pool table is supposedly going to cost €2.49 for both the American pool table and the English pool table. As of right now this has only been slated for Europe, but is rumored for the US as well.

So how many of you Home users out there are interested in shooting some pool in your personal place rather than having to go to the public areas where the tables are located?