PlayStation Move Demo Disc to Move to PSN

July 15, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Tucked away inside the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle, which includes a PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of Sports Champions, there is also a PlayStation Move demo disc. The disc will likely feature demos of upcoming Move games so gamers can test the water before they buy.

Now, it seems as though that might not be the only way to get a chance to move in on these demos.

Kim Nguyen, Marketing Manager for the PS3 has this to say in a response to a comment asking “Will whats on the PlayStation Move game demo disc also be available as free downloads from the PS Store?”

“Yes, at some point the demos will be available on the PS Store.”

Of course no release for the demos were given, but look for them to be released around the same time the PS Move hits store shelves this September.